HPX64 – Jesper Dahlbäck – H-Productions presents: Archeology Exc.2 – H-Productions

Few artists can claim to have been involved with H-Productions from the very start right through to the present day, but Jesper Dahlbäck has been almost as ever-present as label founder, Cari Lekebusch over the eighteen years since the label was founded. Having contributed repertoire to the label, then under it’s ‘Hybrid Productions’ guise, as early as the third release, through to the Hands On Experience studio experimentations Dahlbäck and Lekebusch have collaborated on more recently, Dahlbäck’s connection with H-Productions has been steadfast over the last two decades. For this latest Archeology Exc. collection Dahlbäck delivers a mix of his tracks, made up predominantly of unreleased material made between 1994 and 1996. Taking in work recorded under his own name as well as his DJ Lenk alias, as well as collaboration projects Brommage Dub (with Jean-Louis Huhta) and Drumtravellers (with Par Stalbrand and Adrian Forciniti) the mix also includes tracks originally released on Dahlbäck’s own Blank Ltd. and Sweden’s legendary Svek imprint. The result is a startlingly modern sounding 74 minutes; illustrating the timeless spirit and varied stylistic range of Dahlbäck’s techno pedigree.



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